Bringing ease into the world, creating change, is my mission.

Era of ease is my mission, it is what I came to learn and teach, and it is the central theme that connects everything I do.

So what is the era of ease?

Era of ease is the new era, the era in which we currently live. This is an era of accessible healing, complete fulfillment, and profound and simple changes without effort. This era invites us to live our lives easily, happily and with pleasure.

At the end of 2012, the Earth rose to a new dimension, the fourth dimension. The rise to a new dimension is a completely new period, it brings a deep and wide change in humanity, in society and also within us, as far as we allow it.

In the era of ease an important transition takes place both in the spiritual sense and in the physical, practical sense. The transition that takes place is a transition from old patterns that no longer serve us to a new soft and light energy that allows easier processes of healing and change.

Shelly Joshua - Healing Woman In Blue

How does this affect us?

Era of ease invites us to adapt ourselves, to make a big change in society and in the universe through the change within us, in each of us. Era of ease gives us the possibility, the way and the tools. Everything is made more accessible, possible, available.

In the era of ease there is a new opportunity to give up old patterns of the previous age, and to adopt in their place the new that is made possible – consent, presence, unity and ease.

If we learn to be fully present within ourselves, in unity, with full consent to be who we are and bring our gifts into the world, we can connect to the new frequencies and bring ourselves in fully – in a new, easier way, full of love and flow.

New healing compared to old methods

In the era of ease healing is accessible, easy, full of unity, and less and less dependent on one method or another.

Through healing of the heart, working on full presence, through unity with ourselves and connecting to the frequencies and tools of the new age – we bring into the world something new of our own.

It does not mean that we will not have difficulties along the way, it does not mean that we will not encounter lessons, or that everything will work out for us on the first try, it simply means that healing and change processes that took a long time in the past, occur and come true in less time and without effort.

As ease enters our lives, the power for change passes to us and comes true through us.

How can I bring ease into my life, adapt myself to the era of ease?

It is not easy for most of us to give up old and familiar positions. After all, we grew up and got used to thinking in a certain way. At the same time, I believe and know that today it is possible and simpler than ever, to live in flow, ease and abundance.

When we look at experiences and life in full presence, and less through old patterns of behavior, we experience ease in life. The tools of the era of ease include consent and full presence.

The more we agree to allow ease in our lives,
The more we agree to be fully present,
The more we agree to be human, to be one within ourselves,
The more we agree to bring our “new” into the world, our gift –
This is how we fulfill ourselves and experience change and deep healing with ease.

How do we do that?

The tools of the new age can be learned through me – you can connect to the energy, receive the frequencies we work with in this era and learn the new language of healing.

This is what I do in my day-to-day life: in the healing course, in the teacher training course for the era or ease and in the meetings and workshops I hold.

I teach and bring the era of ease to the masses, transfer the tools, connect to the new way of channeling and teach the language of healing so that you can bring ease into your life and go through deep healing and significant changes through presence and consent.

Shelly Joshua - Portrait Sitting

What does it mean to be in full presence?

The intention is to be in fully in body and being. To be here and now, in the present tense, that is, not in the past, not in the future, but right here in this moment.

Full presence allows us to be at the level of our experiences, our emotions and everything that happens in life, in our fully. If we are 100% present, our level of struggle will decrease by about 50%-60%, and as a result, daily life will be easier.

If we are in full presence, we will be with consent, in unity, in deeper new way of channeling, and so we will open to changes and transitions easily and in full fulfillment.

What does it mean to change our projection?

Our projection is the energy we radiate from the inside out and is subsequently materialized from the spiritual to the material, from patterns of behavior and beliefs to everything that happens practically in our lives.

Changing the projection allows us to adapt to the era of ease, allowing us to go through an easy process of healing without “digging”. If we learn to radiate the new elements that the energy of the era of ease brings, we will significantly lower the projection of patterns that no longer serve us.

Changing the projection allows us to make a process of unity within us easily. As we fill in with the new and radiate it, the levels of the old patterns will decrease.

When we are filled with love, tenderness, compassion and radiate ourselves in fully while in presence, there is less room for patterns that no longer fit and hurt us.

Shelly-Joshua - New Era - Flower Lotus

Era of Ease – From Channeling to Listening

Another major thing that is happening in the era of ease is the transition from channeling to listening. From channeling as a specific tool, to listening that is possible and accessible to all of us.

In the past “channeling” was a name for a tool or way or occupation that was accessible only to certain people, who learned, developed spiritually or were born with a talent and openness to it. If we wanted to get information, a message, a connection to our guides, we would go to those who engage in channeling. Today in the era of ease it is changing.

In the new age, everything is opened up and made possible, and accordingly we move from channeling as a tool – to listening as a way of life. In the era of ease we all have the opportunity to open up, connect, receive knowledge and guidance in an accessible and fast way.

When I teach the era of ease, and grant the frequencies, I also teach how to listen. This listening allows us to connect deeper and higher in ourselves, to connect to our guidance and bring with it the gifts we are meant to bring to the universe – to patients, people and the environment.

Era of Ease – meetings and workshops

If the theme of the era of ease is intriguing, deeply resonating and appealing to you,
If you would like to bring lightness and deep healing into your life,
I would love to accompany you and teach you.


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