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Shelly Joshua Portrai

What is Era of Ease?

Era of ease is the era in which we currently live. This is a new era that brings a new language of healing, complete fulfillment, and profound and easy changes without struggle. Era of ease invites us to live our lives easily, happily and with pleasure. In this new era there is a new opportunity for everyone – to let go old patterns that characterized the previous era, and adopt in their place consent, presence, unity and ease.

Why move to the new era?

When we agree and present in the frequency of easiness in our body and in our lives, the power for change passes to us and is fulfilled through ushealing takes place, change is made possible, the way is opened to bring ourselves in fully. The gifts of this era, the tools and frequencies, are accessible to all of us: one can learn and practice the way to bring ease and healing into our lives. I believe and know that it is possible for anyone – to spiritual healers and teachers and also to anyone who has never been connected to the spiritual world. Language and practice are tailored to each individual according to his or her inner world. The new era is exciting, intriguing, enabling and opening up a new path.

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Hi and nice to meet you

My name is Shelly Joshua, and I am a spiritual teacher.

I conduct workshops to healers, spiritual teachers and regular people with frequencies and tools of the new era, the era of ease. Era of ease is my destiny, it is what I cam to teach, and to pass on in this universe. There is a lot of blessing, healing and new possibility in this era. Everything happens with soft energy, effortlessly. My wish is to expose more and more people to the gifts of this era and pass on the knowledge, to connect you to the new energy and frequencies, to teach the tools for life and new way of channeling in the era of ease, and pass on the healing and language of the new era.

That’s what I came to do here, that’s what I do every day anew – with excitement, with deep intention, love and gratitude. I would love to teach and accompany you too.

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Shelly Joshua Portrai

I remember the day that I contacted you for the first time. The feeling I had at that moment is that finally, after a lot of searching, I had found my spiritual teacher. I cried so much from excitement!!! A few years have passed since. I started as a patient and have become your student.

For me it is a great blessing that the universe has given me the opportunity to be in touch with an entity of life like you. Your love, interest, patience, wisdom and channeling have supported me all along.


Apparently when I saw you I did not know what was inside you. I did not imagine what I would gain from the meeting.But as soon as you laid a hand on me and raised me to God .. I understood. I experienced something heavenly.

That sounds unrealistic. But reality has shown otherwise. You turned me to a teacher myself. In perfect timing just before I opened my workshops. And today, thanks to the meetings with you, I teach and fulfill my destiny. Enjoying every moment. And not only do I benefit but also my students…

So thank you very much.


Shelly, you are such a special teacher. Accurate. Eye to eye. No teaching “about” – but lives “the”. You live what you teach every moment.

You are a teacher full of tenderness and love, and the path with you is full of fun and joy, peaceful and with ease.

During the course I experienced a rebirth. I experienced unity. I had significant and very exciting experiences during the sessions in the course and in life in general…

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


I experienced in your course an amazing breakthrough in the field of channeling and energetic therapy.

You are a wonderful teacher, supportive, counseling, mentoring, loving. You do it so gently and happily and wholeheartedly.

So huge thanks – highly recommend reaching out to you! For everything you do.

Anat Noy Azrieli

I wanted to say a big thank you to you for your delicate and precise adjustments, which hit exactly the missing part and allowed me to trust myself and my heart again.

For your generosity, for your patience … for the wonderful energy that goes through you.

For the connection to the high presence in purity and precision.

For your humanity. You gave me tools to go with …